Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where we were today.

Time to take a look both into the past and at the same time the future.

I am so happy that I have chosen to take this journey into the world of digital photography. I have a great hobby and I have gained a bunch of contacts and friends in the process.

While my photographs have not "changed the world" in any way, it has been a blessing for me to share my view of the world with the "masses".

My first SLR was a Pentax ME purchased from my father. The camera viewed the world through a 28mm, a 50mm and a fixed 135mm lens. I used only very "slow" slide film. The results were incredible!

So how does digital compare? Quite well, Thank you.

I started with a few, very good "super zoom compacts" as I fully believed that these were all that anyone would need and would be the right type of camera for me at the time, and into the future.

Enter the "DSLR"
A part of my thinking is still not fully convinced that I truly need one.
But I made the move, and chose to enjoy the advantages that the modern digital system camera seemed to offer.

I feel that I have made the right choice.
I have now enjoyed the wonderful capabilities of the Fujifilm S5pro and the Nikon D2x, D5000 and D7000 that I now own. These are all great cameras.

So what does the future hold?

Big camera show in Stockholm in November.

Guess we will soon see.

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