Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Fuji s100fs, The unsung hero

The Fuji s100fs is considered a compact digital camera. Why? Smaller sensor and the fact that the lens is fixed to the body.

As it stands, this is a "bridge camera", and as far as the magazine guys go, of little interest to the consumer.

I beg to differ.

The Fuji s100fs is a tool for the photographer on the move. It offers good image quality with a 28mm to 400mm zoom. Image stabilization is incorporated as are Fuji's trade mark film simulation modes.
In the body size and cost of a consumer DSLR one is greeted with most of the user friendly aspects of a high quality compact digital camera, including live view and the ability to shoot movies. The camera features the standard PASM modes and also provides RAW capture.

The camera seem to fill the need of the "mobile" photographer" better that just about anything else available at this time. DSLR control with out the bag full of extra lenses or even a tripod!
Due to the long zoom range there are a few issues common to this type of glass, whether it is fixed to the camera like this camera or available as a separate lens as on a DSLR.
The image stabilization is of the lens shift type and functions very well. I shoot many photos 400mm focal length and slow shutter speeds, hand held, with little difficulty.
Having many of the controls found on a consumer DSLR in this compact allows the photographer much input on the final result.
The fuji s100fs is a joy to handle and to use. The images captured are first rate.

I feel that this "bridge" camera would more than fill the need of the great majority of the persons looking to purchase their first DSLR. Ease of a compact, ability of a DSLR.

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