Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking for more

I enjoy the hobby of digital photography.
I have been into it for the last two years and have added a few cameras to my collection and enjoy them all.

When starting out I chose to purchase compact cameras with more advanced features. These I still use and enjoy. Having a compact camera which is equipped with a decent zoom range and image stabilization allows a photographer many opportunities to capture a great shot, with out the hassle of carrying a bunch of equipment.

But like any other hobby, it is sometimes necessary to completely explore all of the options.
So this past summer, I acquired a DSLR.

Now a DSLR can be viewed as the ultimate option for the photo "hobbyist", as far as image quality and functions go.
But a DSLR is only as capable as the lens mounted on it.

As a result of the purchase of the DSLR, I have been purchasing lenses for the "beast".
Lenses are like a "drug". Once you have one, you needed another. And so on.

So I now have 10-20mm covered, 17-70mm covered, 70-300mm covered and a wonderful 30mm, very fast, "prime".
Since my DSLR, the Fuji s5pro has a 1.5 crop factor the above lenses give me a range of 15mm to 450mm, when compared to 35mm film. Not bad!

But what about a good macro? I am currently looking to cover this with a very fast 60mm f/2.0.
I feel that I need a good "nature glass". I hope to add a 200-500mm zoom to my bag, giving me a 750mm equiv. on the s5pro.

With these new lenses I will need a larger bag to carry everything around in. I will also need filters and I hope my tripod is strong enough for the big telephoto glass......

Man, this can get expensive!

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