Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wide angle zoom

One of the difficulties in owning a DSLR with a sub 35mm photo sensor has been the availability of a wide angle (sub 28mm equiv.) zoom lens.
Since I now own a two lens "kit" that allows for a 27 to 450mm focal range with the Fuji s5, I thought it time for me to start looking for a good wide angle glass for the camera.

Tamron, Sigma and of course Nikon all produce lenses falling into the wide angle zoom range by offering 10-24mm, 10-20mm and 10-24mm respectively.
Since the sub 35mm photo sensor of the s5 has a crop factor of x1.5 all three lenses offer a 15mm equivalent focal length at the wide end of the zoom range.
These all seem to offer the focal range that I am looking for.

I will research and compare the three. I will visit the local camera shop and try out the three on my s5. All important steps in choosing a lens.

At this time I am leaning toward the Sigma 10-20mm EX DC HSM f/4-5.6 although Sigma has recently released the 10-20mm f/3.5 version, I will most likely purchase the former due to the good reports from the "field" and the higher cost of the latter.

I look forward to owning a wide angle zoom lens in this focal range.
I believe it will only add to the creative potential of my s5.

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