Friday, July 17, 2009

Will video kill the video camera?

The latest "craze" in digital photography is the ability of many of the recently released DSLR's to capture HD video.

Even though I have little personal interest in this feature on a "still" camera, it does open up a whole new avenue of creativity for many photographers.

It also raises a few questions regarding the future of video recording.

Since DSLR's are typically equipped with larger, higher resolution photo sensors and I assume higher grade optics available when compared to a "consumer" video camera. In my way of thinking the image quality of the videos captured on the DSLR should be of a marked improvement over the video camera.

Of course the other abilities of each type of camera, frame rates and such, may be more important than the quality of the individual image.

And one must not forget that the full HD television runs a screen resolution of around 2mp.
So is the large, high resolution photo sensor of the DSLR a real advantage or not?

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