Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why pay for the latest and the "somewhat" greatest?

FACT: The world of digital cameras is advancing at a "fever pitch"!

QUESTION: Has the supplemented camera from last year lost any of its abilities?

ANSWER: How could it?

I love to read the magazines full of the latest cameras from the various manufactures. The latest advancements of the digital camera world are amazing. Every single month it seems, new abilities and features are added. Does this create a situations where the camera that we purchased last week is now obsolete.

I don't think so.

Rather I believe that this opens up the opportunity for the smart consumer to purchase the camera of his or hers dreams by being a little patient.

The professional grade cameras that have been replace in the "line up" from just a year ago are now showing up a "bargains". Are they still good cameras, you bet they are.

One more thought, Is it better to purchase the latest entry level DSLR or to spend the same money for a "pro" bodied DSLR from last years model line up?

You be the judge.

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