Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Super CCD sensor

Fujifilm has offered to the world of digital photography a very exciting option with the continuing development of its Super CCD photo sensor.

Extended dynamic range is the result.

Dynamic Range for digital cameras means the expression domain between bright areas and dark areas. In photography, there are many subjects with great difference between brightness and darkness, such as a bright sky against the dark sea. Such variation is difficult to express without an extended Dynamic Range. A narrow range causes over exposure or under exposure.

The sensor is quite different from the typical Bayer system of pixel placement on the the photo sensor.

The results can be quite impressive. Photographs captured with higher dynamic range tend to replicate what the human eye sees. The results are more accurate with less over/under exposed areas with in the photo.

The photos below were taken with my Fuji s100fs.

The first photo was captured at 100% dynamic range. The second photo taken with a dynamic range setting of 200%

The Fuji s100fs is capable of a 400% dynamic range expansion so the above photograph only shows a portion of the capabilities of the Super CCD photo sensor.

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