Saturday, November 14, 2009

Camera show in Stockholm

When we look at the world of the digital camera, new technology is the name of the game.

Today my son and I attended the camera show in Stockholm.

There must be a lot of money in the world, as I viewed many visitors with the likes of Nikon D3's and Cannon 1Ds cameras strapped to their sides.

The show was fantastic and we viewed many great products. I was very interested in a Tamron 200-500mm zoom lens that I hope to add to my collection.

I was also able to purchase a few items that I have been looking for. I picked up an Omni bounce for my Metz flash unit, a nice cleaning kit for my camera gear and a four pack of rechargeable AA batteries.

I highly recommend that you keep your eyes open for the next camera show in your area.
You may not need additions to your "kit", but you might be surprised at what you might find!

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