Friday, July 10, 2009

Fuji s5 pro, The camera that taught me to see

I decided that when I entered the realm of the digital camera that a compact camera, with its fixed lens, was all that I would ever need. So I ended up purchasing three very good cameras, all Fuji and all have served me very well. And for the most part, my way of thinking was correct, for me, and for most looking to get into this wonderful hobby.
But I figured that if I already own a few of a "good thing", why not own the "best of the bunch"!
The only camera that offered more ability in the Fuji line up above my wonderful s100fs is the Fujifinepix s5 Pro. So I was "hooked" on the s5, but the price tag on such a camera far exceeded what I could afford to spend. So then I put may dream to rest.

But time does heal all, and the Fuji s5, although still in the line up, started to fall in price as do all digital camera as they start to be "around a bit".
I thought about purchasing a new s5 but the price was still out of my "comfort zone".
One day I was checking an on line classifieds site and noticed a Fuji s5 pro for sale.
After a few phone calls I was able to make a deal on the camera and ended up meeting the owner of the camera who also happened to be a well known professional photographer here in Sweden.
Not only was I able to acquire the fantastic Fuji s5, in very good condition, I also met a "real" photographer, who helps me to this very day!
As I had only owned compact digital camera I was a bit "over loaded" when I viewed the owners manual for the S5 for the first time. But read, I did.

Now after owning the Fuji s5 for a short while I can say this. The camera has taught me to look at the world as a photographer. The s5 has no "auto" mode. The photographer is required to make the correct set up, to capture the image properly.
The Fuji s5 pro is a fantastic piece of engineering. Based on the professional grade Nikon D200, it is built tough with good weather protection and a metal chassis.
The camera differs from the Nikon by having the 12 mp Fuji Super CCD photo sensor and of course the Fuji processor and Fuji film simulation.
The results from the s5 are incredible!
Being able to own a "pro" grade camera for the price of many entry level DSLR's is truly a dream come true!

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  1. Great story!! Good to see that you you just hang on to the gear you currently have instead of running the MP race. I am not very familiar with the Fuji Camera and just got to know the advantages of the SuperCCD technology. Can't wait to start playing with my just purchased S100fs