Friday, July 3, 2009

The Fuji f100fd, Pocket power

12 mega pixels.

5x optical zoom.

Optical image stabilization.

And it can slide into any pocket.

I am not typically impressed with ultra compact digital cameras. Quite often, the image quality of such camera leaves much to be desired.

The images produced are not DSLR quality (small chip/too many pixels), but for a "snap shot" camera I feel the images are better that just about any other compact pocket camera.

The images from the camera at lower ISO setting are quite surprising and upon close inspection show few loses in detail.

There is one great advantage to this type of camera. It is small and light enough to always have it with you.

The Fuji f100fd does lack full manual control but I see this as a minor issue in this type of camera. If you want full manual control it is better to consider a good "bridge" camera or take the DSLR "plunge".

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