Friday, September 25, 2009

The Velbon Sherpa 803R

We are all in search of the best that our cameras can deliver.
I have been blessed to have entered the world of digital photography at a time when most compact camera and many DSLR's offer image stabilization either in the camera body or in the lens.
Image stabilization allows the photographer to capture clear, in focus images at much lower shutter speeds and at longer zoom ranges than are possible with out this features.
Image stabilization is not a "fix all" and it does have its limits.
If you want "pin sharp" photos and want to realize what your camera is really capable of, the only option is a good tripod.
In looking for a tripod that would cover my needs I had to look at weight capabilities as my Fuji s5 with the Nikon 70-300 hits the scales at around four pounds.

I also wanted versatility, hoping to have the ability to shoot macro images at table top level.
I would prefer to have a "ball head" in preference to a "tilt and pan" head.
The Velbon Sherpa 803R seemed to be the answer to my "tripod dream".
The Sherpa 803R is now in my "kit bag".

It is a wonderful tool, with build quality and features far exceeding the value of its purchase price.
My son and I will take a photo tour in the morning. I will give the Sherpa a good run and I am sure that I will be pleased with the results.

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