Sunday, October 24, 2010

How did I get here?

The hobby of photography is a lot of fun. I have had a great time.
Only problem is that there is so much great gear to purchase. I really want to have it all.

When I originally decided to purchase a digital camera, I wanted to have one camera that would "do it all". A compact "super zoom" seemed to be the right answer, and for many folks, this type of camera is the way to go. The latest generation of super zoom compact have pushed the capabilities of this type to a new level with many providing zoom ranges from 28mm to beyond 600mm equivalent and including HD video capabilities and of course image stabilization.
I still view my Fujifilm s100fs as the ultimate travel camera owing to its good image quality, fixed mounted 28-400mm equivalent lens along with image stabilization and "macro" capability makes this compact much easier to carry around than a DSLR of similar capabilities.
Even though the super zoom compacts are the "jack of all trades" they are truly the master of none.

Enter the DSLR.

Since I purchased the Fujifilm s5pro, the world of photography has really opened up to me. The DSLR offers great image quality with the ability to experiment with different lenses that are better designed for the task at hand. The problem in all of this is the cost of the equipment. One must weigh the value of quality against the price of the equipment. If a 24/70mm f4 lens cost half as much as a 24/70mm f2.8 is the extra speed of the more expensive lens really worth the added cost?

I now own a few lenses and have added a Nikon d2x to my kit. All good stuff.
At this point I am truly only missing a good macro lens. I am looking at one now. But even after this purchase I will probably be looking at another glass in the near future.

What we need and want we want, can sometimes, be two entirely different things.

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