Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Fuji s8000fd, My first digital camera

The Fujifilm s8000fd is a surprising little camera.

The camera is equipped with a 27-486mm f/2.8-4.5, 18X zoom lens. The focal range covers just about any situation that the average photographer may run into.
To obtain this focal range and light gathering capability in a lens designed for a DSLR would cost many times the purchase price of the little Fuji. If one exist.

In addition to the incredible zoom range, the camera is supplied with optical (sensor based) image stabilization, face detection, film simulation and intelligent flash.

The camera also has extended ISO settings, macro including super macro, high speed capture and the ability to shoot videos. The camera combines the ease of use of a compact with much of the manual control of a DSLR.

Over all, I am quite pleased with the image quality that the camera is capable of producing and most of the photos in my collection have been taken with this camera.
Under close inspection though the quality does fall a bit short of the images produced by my more expensive cameras, but for most purposes, this is not a problem.

One form of photography where this camera excels is in the area of macro capture. I feel that this camera offers the best results for me in this type of photography.
For really close macro work, this is my "go to" camera.

Although the s8000fd has now been replaced by the s8100fd I see no reason for me to upgrade to the newer model. The s8100fd offers more resolution and a few more features than the s8000fd.
If I did not already own the Fuji s100fs, then I might think differently.

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  1. You have nice choice.!! Both my husband and I liked the look of this digital camera and bought one just over a year ago.